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The first and only operational program in the market that will contribute to a small memory (RAM) really help, by increasing the memory of your phone by a swapfile! Incl. Fast switch via widget!

SWAPit expander requires root access and kernel swap support!
To find out if you purchase before the device is really compatible with SWAPit expander and it works, we have found the program "Memory Info & check swapfile" in the Market!

Please buy SWAPit RAM expander only if they have successfully tested their device with memory info! To play it safe and it works!

For rooten:
If not done, see http://shortfuse.org/.

Particularly favorable entry phones often have little RAM, either help here TaskKiller programs or you use a swapfile, which provides sufficient space for disposal. SWAPit Expander makes your device more easily. Many applications can now run simultaneously, and do not have to worry about your RAM.

Note: if CM7 please provide the compcache disabled before enabling SWAPit!

Please use the swappiness value: If you use a Class 10 card is a value of 100 very very profitable!

Extended every Android device up to 2.5 GB of RAM, where it creates a swapfile on the SDCARD.

This application requires root rights!

Maximum Swapfilegröße architecture is due to 2GB!
By setting the value of swappiness you can control the behavior of the kernel, the greater the value the more is being outsourced.

If you do not know how to rooting your device, please read on. http://www.chip.de/downloads/SuperOneClick_48611848.html

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Please note! For damages that may result from the use of this software does not accept liability!

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Recently changed in this version:

Reaktionsgeschwindikgeit improved
Support tab optimized

Widget reaction speed improves
New menu item SDCARD directory
can now be defined.
Version 1.11
Showing the progress of creating the swapfile.
Version 1.10
For more complete error output

Widget Update
New SwapCreateScreen

Solve widget for fast integration and can be used to give free sdcard.

Release Date 01.02.2012

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