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Display and track on your mobile phone boat, flight information and the location of other published LocalizaTodo Mobile & WayTRKR users in real time. Search for any boat, flight or published user to get it's instant position and track it's movement for up to 24 hours (for boats) or 2 hours (for airplanes and devices).
Complete details for ships and airplanes are available: technical data (models, dimensions) , trip information (when available) such as origin as destination, estimated time of arrival, etc, and photographs.

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Now with LocalizaTodo Mobile you will be able to publish your location and make it visible for other LocalizaTodo Mobile users or on the web at localizatodo.com, and see the location of other users publishing their location. Enable your location at any time: either if you want to be tracked at all times or only in case of emergency, your friends and family will able to know your location instantly.

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